Nature Inspires Art in Surprising Ways

Nature provides never-ending inspiration for me as an artist.  More often than not, beauty comes in unexpected places.  This morning it was on my window pane.  I awoke to see a large smudge on my window.  Upon closer inspection, I knew exactly what had happened.  A bird had flown straight into the window pane and left behind a painful print and two tiny feathers blowing in the breeze.  I was immediately saddened by the sight.  That poor bird!  Then I was inspired.  Grab the camera!  The morning light was illuminating those features so they just glowed.  The smudge was bloodless and provided a beautiful abstract pattern surrounding the feathers.  Two lonely feathers.  Perhaps that was all that was left of the bird.  Or maybe that was its only loss.  There was nothing on the ground so I hope the bird was just stunned and flew away.

The image is startling in its beauty and the sadness it evokes.  I showed the window to my husband and explained that I had photographed it.  At first, he was surprised because he thought it was kind of morbid (I totally understand).  But when he saw the digital photograph on my computer screen, he immediately saw the beautiful blue color and abstract pattern and thought it was beautiful.  (The color was provided by our garage in a soft focus.)  He said it looked totally different than he imagined and was completely different than what he saw on the window.

That’s why I love photography.  You might see something ordinary or in this case, morbid.  But with the right light, at the right angle, with right focus, it might actually be extraordinary.  

And this particular bird strike was extraordinary.