Macrophotography: The Difference is in the Details

Maybe I should walk around with a pair of binoculars all the time.  But I have something better:  my camera.  One of the best things about being a photographer is that I can see details through the lens that I would otherwise miss.  I particularly enjoy macrophotography because you take small things and make them larger than life.  Then you really notice the details.  

Today I saw a grasshopper for the first time.  Yes, I have seen them jump around the yard every summer since I was a kid, but I never got up close and personal until today.  I spotted one that seemed rooted to its spot so I grabbed my camera and started to shoot.  I got lucky and got to take a series of shots.  I’m told this is a long-horned grasshopper better known as a Katydid.  The color, texture and lines are all beautiful.  I’m glad I finally got a closer look!