Open Studios Allows Visitors to Learn about the Creative Process

One of my favorite things to do as an artist is to open my studio to visitors.  It gives me a chance to show people not only where I work but how I work.   I can provide a narrative to my work and be available to answer questions.  One example is a new series of blue and white paintings.  I painted these during the winter and they were loosely based on a garden.  I don’t use any photographs so I was pulling images from my memory of blue and white flowers.  

After finishing the first painting, I was pleased and wanted to continue with the palette and theme but I wanted the next one to be looser.  Success Then I wanted to paint a third but abstract it further by just depicting soft petals of various sizes all over the canvas.  Finally, I wanted to paint another of abstracted petals but I wanted this painting to have more contrast and I wanted the petals to be a bit more geometric.

 It was nice to be able to explain the natural progression of the series during Open Studios.  I don’t want to keep painting the same image again and again. I want to see where the paint takes me!